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Finding Keywords

Step 1. Start with a common word that is appropriate to your business/Organisation

Step 2. Setting up a Campaign – organize your work

Step 3. Find words that are related to your original keyword

Step 4. Use the Related Keywords tool to generate many more relevant keywords

Keyword research doesn’t stop

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How Search Engine Works?

One of the frequently asked questions from website owners is, “Why can’t my website be found on Google?” They know it’s very important to appear but they just don’t know why it doesn’t happen to them. This is how search engine works:

There is no big secret

It’s true: there is no big secret.

It is all about understanding what is going on behind the scenes, followed by the hard work and attention to detail that is common to many business activities.

Inside a search engine

There are 3 software that make up a search engine:

  • the spider software,
  • the index software,
  • the query software.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enabling your website to be read more effectively by the various search engines around the world. While Google currently stands as the primary search engine, there exists many others favoured by internet users globally; optimisation provides each with an equal understanding of your websites strengths and advantages.


  •     Customers can easily locate your website
  •     Achieve a greater capacity of business
  •     Present a better profile of your company to the client
  •     Appear on many search engines
  •     No ‘click / impression’ charges
  •     Reduce your marketing costs significantly

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Meta Tags in WordPress

As a search engine prowls your site, it gathers information from the title, headings, content, and Meta Tags such as description or keywords. It compares the words within each of these sections and “ranks” the site dependent upon how well the information matches. We have more information on how to maximize your meta tag references below.

It is important for website developers to understand that a default installation of WordPress does not contain the description and keywords meta tag data. Meta tags can be added manually, through changes to the Theme template files or through WordPress Plugins.

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