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Sample Skills for Computer Hardware and Networking Professional

How do you normally state your IT skills in your resume? How do you tell employers what computer skills you have?

The goal is to develop a detailed outline of your technical skills and break it down into subcategories. This will make it easier for the employer to pick up the specific skills they are looking for it.

Below is a list of computer hardware and networking skills to help you. If your computer knowledge is extensive, you might list it in sections as illustrated.

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Information Technology Skills

Always remember to accentuate these skills when you compose resumes and cover letters.

  • Programming and Application Development

The report said during the recession a few years ago, organizations fell behind on projects. Currently, they’re playing catch-up by adding staff members – most likely contributing to the more favorable employment picture (7.8% national unemployment in September 2012, compared to 10% in October 2009).

  • Project Management

With IT projects growing more and more complex in the modern era of advanced technology, the demand for project managers is becoming very strong.

  • Help Desk/Technical Support

As organizations pursue new initiatives and build new systems, existing customers may have to familiarize themselves with new technology. When that happens, organizations will hire more technical support staff to properly acclimate customers to the new service. Continue reading →