Why you should have Blog within the website:

One can choose to either integrate blog to the site or keep it separate. Let me demonstrate the differences between the two.

Integrating – Have the blog with the website; Blog appear either at subdomain (blog.kipkem.com) or subfolder (www.kipkem.com/blog)

Separating – having your blog on a different domain altogether e.g. (www.kipkemblog.com)

Benefits of having the blog within the website

SEO Benefits:

  • Website will have more content – Richly content websites stand a better chance of ranking in search engines.
  • Backlinks – one can introduce the links in the blog to the website’s pages; thus help the website’s pages to rank.

Users/Visitors Benefits:

  • It helps to create more seamless experience to the users; thus encouraging the users to return website which in turn reduces the bounce rate
  • User/visitors get to know your company.

Company Benefits:

  • Cost Effective – it is cheap and easy to manage the blog within the website, one does not have to purchase another domain.

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