How Search Engine Works?

One of the frequently asked questions from website owners is, “Why can’t my website be found on Google?” They know it’s very important to appear but they just don’t know why it doesn’t happen to them. This is how search engine works:

There is no big secret

It’s true: there is no big secret.

It is all about understanding what is going on behind the scenes, followed by the hard work and attention to detail that is common to many business activities.

Inside a search engine

There are 3 software that make up a search engine:

  • the spider software,
  • the index software,
  • the query software.

The spider software ‘crawls the web looking for new pages to collect and add to the search engine indices’.

The index software catches everything the spider can throw at it. The index makes sense of the mass of text, links and URLs using what is called an algorithm. Essentially, an algorithm analyzes the pages and links for word combinations to figure out what the web pages are all about (what topics are being covered).

The query software doesn’t actually search the web – instead, it checks through all the records that have been created by its own index software.

The 3 make up search engine.


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  1. Great to understand about the search engine software. Thanks!

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